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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are the predictions made?

A. Our computer system uses a formula that checks all the upcoming matches and returns the tips automatically.

Q. Why are there no tips for a league that has just started their season?

A. Our formula looks at the current stats for every team, if they have just started their season then there are no stats to base the formula.  Be patient, the tips will come and the more games played in a league the more tips there will be 😉

Q. So once a season has started and they have played a few games there will be loads of tips?

A. There will be MANY tips but not for EVERY game as if a match doesn’t meet the formula then there will be no tip.

Q. How many leagues do you cover?

A. Currently over 200 around the world!  For a full list, click HERE

Q. You don’t cover a league I want, can you add it?

A. Its possible for us to add more leagues, just drop us an email.

Q. I can’t find your tips at my bookie, why?

A. As we cover so many leagues, there maybe some that are not covered by your bookie but maybe by another.

Q. I don’t have a bookie, can you recommend one?

A. Our main partner is Bet365,  but we offer great deals and special offers using the following links for other bookies too, just drop us an email for specials

Q. How accurate are your tips?

A. Each type of tip has their own accuracy, some tips are over 85% accurate. You can find the accuracy and historic tips HERE

Q. You had Team A to beat Team B and they didn’t, why not?

A. We are the most accurate tipster around but no one can ever be 100% sometimes shocks happen in football and our formula gets stronger all the time.

Q. I have questions that aren’t listed in the FAQ, can I email you them?

A. Sure thing, we will do our best to reply asap.

Q. How do I join?

A. To encourage people to join we allow non members to view the 3 and 4 star tips, but to view the 5 star tips you just need to register HERE.

Good Luck!

All of our tips are available on our Android and IOS apps including football tips, and other betting tips for other sports such as Boxing, MMA, Golf, Horse Racing, Cricket, NHL, NFL and Tennis.

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